Our Company

Trung Nam Electronics Manufacturing Services is a leading company in the field of designing, manufacturing, testing, distributing, and providing services for electronic components and assemblies for original equipment manufacturers in Central Vietnam.

Services & Capabilities

PCB Design & Engineering

Trung Nam EMS provides system-level design, printed circuit board design and layout.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Quick turn PCB assembly shortens the product development cycle and requires efficiency and precision. With an attention to detail and precise execution, Trung Nam EMS offers end-to-end assembly services from prototype board design and assembly to medium-volume circuit board assembly.


Supply Chain & Logistics

Trung Nam EMS’s experienced procurement, supply chain and logistics teams employ smart sourcing techniques to identify specific sourcing options based on the unique product requirements and cost objectives of each customer.

System/ Box Build

Trung Nam EMS provides a full range of sub-assembly, box-build, and integration services customized to each individual product

Test & Burn in

Identify and eliminate defective parts early on to ensure product reliability.

Flex and Rigid Flex Circuit Design

Rigid boards and flex circuits integrated together into one.

Electronic Prototypes

Initial board layout and design to medium-volume manufacturing.

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